Nigerian Youths are Hardworking, Creative and Intelligent, Group Replies Buhari.

In view of the  statement credited to  President Buhari at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster where he openly opined that Nigerian Youths are lazy and grossly uneducated,  The Youthtakeover group has come strongly against the president's statement condemning it as totally untrue. 

According to the group, Nigerian youths are actually one of the most creative and dynamic young persons on the planet.  The group made it clear that despite the fact that successive governments have failed to build infrastructure and provide better living conditions for the people,   Nigerian youths have struggled against all odds to build a livelihood for themselves and have become high flyers in various sectors. 

The group condemns the president speech in its entirety and regretted that the president who rode to power through the massive support he got from the youth population has turned his back on the youths. 

According to the group, the president statement  is false,  unrealistic and indeed unfortunate.
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