U.S-based Nigerian Man Speaks Out After Being Attacked For Keeping A White Girlfriend (Photos)

A Nigerian U.S-based Twitter user identified simply as TheNigerianKing (@YungDrew22), has taken to the social networking plarform to narrate how pissed-off he is over people trolling him and his white girlfriend online because of their racial differences.

The young man said that it is mediocre for people to judge his relationship because of skin colour, saying he loves his white girlfriend and that's all that matters. 

He added that he was raised to respect and value everyone and just because another human's skin color looks different from his doesn't mean he will discriminate against them.

He wrote: "You what the craziest part about my relationship has been?

The amount of hate I received from fellow black men & women about the woman I have selected, it’s crazy to think that just a little over 50 years ago it would have been white people attacking us & now it’s my own people."

Speaking about his white Oyinbo girlfriend, he wrote:

"I’ve known Kalei for about 6 years & we’re going on our 5 of being in a relationship. She’s literally one of the most sweet & genuine person I’ve ever met. She’s not perfect but she works on the things she falls short on just like we all do. That’s what makes her perfect to me.

"If you know me, then you know how my mom taught me how to be strong & how to love one another. Might sound cliché but it all stems from the Bible.

Kalei has this same blinding love, obscure to race, height, looks, or any other physical feature.

"The fact that she’s Asian & White vs me being Nigerian didn’t & shouldn’t matter in my selection.

Attacking us for the color of our skin is mediocre & played out. I’ll never stop loving another human being or treat them differently just because they don’t look or act like me.

"I know History & its not that I dont care about what happened in the past, and no I dont think that we should forget but I do think we shouldnt let it control our current lives. I just thought we were at least making progress to move passed. Kin should love Kin & we are all Kin."
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