Family In Sorrow As Only Son Goes Missing... See Photos Of The Adorable Missing Kid

Last night, former strategic partners and love interests, Cee C and Tobi went head to head, with Cee C lashing out at Tobi.

Eventually, they made up with Tobi telling her, his life hasn’t been the same without her.

While engaged in a heated argument with Tobi, she said to him:

“You’re the poorest human being I’ve ever seen in my l ife because, apparently, you have never been in possession of valuable stuff, that’s why you could not even keep something valuable. “What do you know man? You know nothing.”

In another instance, she told him: You don’t have common sense, to which he replied, If I had common sense, I wouldn’t be chasing you.

Cee C and her strategic partner, Lolu are up for eviction today after Tobi replaced Bamco with them.

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