Man arrested for ‘marrying’ 12-yr-old primary six girl

Two people in Migori, Kenya including a female minor have been in detention at Awendo police station since Thursday, December 21, on suspicion of teenage marriage.
A 27-year old man and the Class Six pupil from Nyambija Primary School are waiting to be arraigned in court on Wednesday, December 27.
The man is accused of marrying the primary school pupil who is believed to be a minor.
The two reportedly went missing five months ago but were arrested on Thursday at the man’s home in Kwoyo village, Migori county.
Deputy County Commissioner Alfet Jilo said the two have been in detention for over the 24-hour required period before arraignment since investigators are still trying to establish the actual age of the minor.
“The birth certificate of the girl presented by the parents indicates she was born in the year 2005. However, the girl insists she was born in 2001,” the DCC said.
‘Other procedural matters including the recording of the statements and gathering of evidence have already been completed pending the arraignment of the two in court,” DCC Jilo said.
Mrs. Jilo called on the community to assist authorities in curbing early marriages in the area.
“Many female pupils are dropping out of school because of teen pregnancy and early marriages in Awendo. We call on the community to come out strong protect the girls,” she said. (CitizenTV)
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