I Want to Marry You, I'll Be Making All the Money - Nigerian Lady Proposes to a Man on Twitter

The man and the lady who proposed 

A Nigerian young lady and Twitter user, @T_oluwani has proposed to a a fine young man and Twitter user @ani_nomso with a lot of promises on social networking platform.

In her proposal tweet, she claimed that the man would not have to work, and she will become the provider. She even promised to pay his 'groom price' if he can find out the amount from his kinsmen, adding that she is ready to pay any amount to have him as her husband.

Read her tweet below;

"Nomso, I want to marry you
I will make you a full house husband
Don't worry about working,I will be making the money
I will spoil you
Take you out on a treat, buy you gifts
Can you please find out how much groom price is in your village? I'm ready to pay any amount Thank you"

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