Fuel Scarcity: "Make We Start Campaign Against Filling Stations"? - 2Face Asks, Nigerians React

2Face Idibia 

The ongoing fuel scarcity all over the country which has brought untold hardship, has sparked criticisms from Nigerians as social media users have blasted President Muhammadu Buhari for being 'incompetent and unattentive' to plight of Nigerians, and called for his resignation.

Some Nigerians urged the president who is minister of petroleum to take responsibility and stop blaming others by finding a quick solution to the fuel crisis, adding that there should be no scarcity after removal of subsidy.

An online commenter wrote; “Buhari is the most incompetent President we have ever elected in the history of Nigeria. You can’t hide incompetence; just drive around the country and you’ll see the level of hopelessness this govt has brought upon the already impoverished citizens#fuelscarcity.

While another wrote; “This is the 3rd fuel scarcity under Buhari in 2 1/2 years. First one was in Sept-December 2015. For 3 months Nigeria suffered but PMB didn’t blink. Second one was in April/May 2016 which he cunningly increased fuel from N87 – N145 and now December 2017. Buhari and #fuelscarcity"

Meanwhile, as Nigerians continue to lament on social media, legendary R&B singer, 2Face Idibia, took to his Twitter and asked his fans if they will join him to campaign against petrol stations who refuse to sell fuel.

"Make we start campaign say make dem shut down any station wey no wan sell petrol normal," 2Face Tweeted.

And just as we expected, the singer was attacked as many of his fans and followers reminded him of his past.

Here are some comments we culled from social media;

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