5 Simple And Cheap Ways You Can Upgrade Your Style In The New Year

Now is the time to start thinking of how you can upgrade your style in the new year. Probably you didn’t have many fashion hits this year, but with the coming is a grand opportunity to switch up your style such that you step out looking your best every time.

Of course its not everyone who loves to follow the trends, but there are simple general changes you can male to your styles that will affect your total look.

These simple changes will make a whole lot of difference to your wardrobe, style and looks.

1. Find and befriend a good tailor

The key to looking good every time is always wearing clothes that are your perfect fit. most clothing you buy off the rack won’t fit you right unless you are a perfect sample size. You could anticipate that you’ll grow into it, but a tailor can work wonders for you in any circumstance. Also for outfits you want to have sown, a good tailor that work magic in bringing that dream look to reality.

2. Learn to dress for the occasion 

Dressing for the occasion is another simple way to ensure you always make the right statement with your outfit. Imagine showing up at a friend’s wedding in a t-shirt and denim… that is the wrong statement. You can use the internet as a guide for selecting outfits for your events too.

3. Invest in quality staple items 

There are some clothing items such as your denim pants that should always be in top shape. Try to replace the worn out ones as the new year approaches. You don’t have to buy a new one. There are several second-hand clothing items that will look as good as new.

4. Learn some simple customizations 

Got a hole in the elbow of your sweater? Learn how to sew a patch over it. Got a dirty spread or button-down collar on your oxford shirt? Cut the flap off and make it a band collar shirt. Customizations give old clothing items that are on the brink of extinction that breath of life to prosper as if they’re brand new.

5. Watch out for colours that flatter your skin tone 

Knowing the colours that work well with your skintone goes a long way to determine how good you will look in them. Your our different skintones, there are colours that will make you glow up while others will just nmake you look boring.
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