Tiwa Savage Points Out The Hypocrisy Of Nigerians Laughing At Her For Always Performing On Barefoot

The singer was recently criticized by fans for performing barefooted at the AFRIMA Awards which held over the weekend.
The mother-of-one has become accustomed to performing without footwear and fans have not failed to criticize her each time she does that, but she is obviously unfazed as she has continued to perform as she deems fit.
Responding to the criticsm, she say as far as she’s getting paid, she’s good.
“That barefoot cuts me some nice cheques though”, She wrote on her Instagram page.4
“Tiwa why are you copying beyonce and rihanna? be African be Original, Eww tiwa why are you performing with your bare foor? do you see Rihanna and Beyonce doing that? Moral of the story is eat Chocolate, have sex and be happy”,

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