The average bitcoin investor doesn't plan to sell their coins until they hit more than $190,000

Bitcoin fanatics often tout the motto "hodl" with pride.

The phrase, which is just a misspelling of hold, is said to derive from the chasms of Reddit during the earliest days of crypto. Today #hodl litters crypto-Twitter with traders pledging to their followings that they are in it for the long-haul.

It doesn't look like those investors are kidding, according to a new LendEDU survey. The survey found the average bitcoin investor doesn't plan to give up their bitcoin until the cryptocurrency reaches $196,165, or 26 times its current value.

Just 32% of investors surveyed said they have ever sold some of their bitcoin holdings.

Bitcoin was trading at 7,682 on Thursday, although like a roller coaster it is subject to dramatic peaks and valleys.

LendEDU also asked investors how long they plan to hold their bitcoin. By the looks of it, they expect the price to skyrocket in the short-term. Take a look:

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