Pastor Orders Female Members Not To Wear Pants To Church

Indeed wonders shall never end, especially as we are approaching the much anticipated end time:As you read this, a controversial pastor has told ladies attending his church not to wear underwear so they can feel closer to God.

The strange order was issued to female members by Reverend Njohi.

Female congregants were forbidden from wearing bras and pants to service at Reverend Njohi’s church, a ministry known as Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church.

The pastor openly warned that there would be grave consequences for any female member who fails to adhere strictly to his new order. Surprising, most of the women in his church adhered to the order as ladies were said to have attended service with no underwear, leaving their breast dangling…

Reverend Njohi, whose church is located in Nairobi, Kenya, according to Kenyan Post, said ladies need to feel free in their ‘mind and body’ while in church for “easy access of the spirit”.

Why is it that some pastors just like taking advantage of their church members?
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