Anonymous Soldier Writes Open Letter To President Buhari, Complains About Corruption In Army

A soldier who refused to disclose his identity has written a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari to complain about the alleged corruption in the army.

The officer on the frontline of the war against insurgency wrote the letter in reaction to the army’s dismissal of the complaints of Abdulrauf Aliyu, a private of the Nigerian army.

Aliyu had complained that he was abandoned after being shot by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

But Sani Usman, spokesman of the army, denied the allegation, saying Aliyu was declared a deserter for leaving the hospital he was receiving treatment without being cleared by the authorities.

Usman said as a deserter, Aliyu should be apprehended and handed over to the nearest military unit or police station, if seen.

“This is a clear case of a deserter from the Nigerian army trying to run a campaign of calumny against the Nigerian army on Social Media,” Usman had said.

But the soldier who wrote the letter spoke in defence of Aliyu and also drew attention to the plight of his colleagues.

He said knowing what they signed for, soldiers “expect to die in the hands of the enemy, not in the hands of the Nigerian Army”.
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