12 HILARIOUS Photos That Show The Difference Between Nigerian Girls on Instagram and Reality (Photos)

Apparently everyone on social media has a perfect life. Their photos and messages say so. If everyone on social media has a perfect life and are living large, who are those we see in our offices, on the streets, with the imperfect life?

We can all agree that most peoples lives are not as luxurious as they make it appear on social media. Some people have a different life on social media and another one in reality. Some Nigerian girls are expert when it comes to having two entirely different lives.

There’s a huge gap between the world of Instagram and what we all know to be reality.

These hilarious differences between Nigerian girls on Instagram and real life will make you believe that not all that glitters is gold.

1. The B.utt on Instagram vs reality 

2. The bedroom on Instagram vs reality 

3. The food on Instagram vs reality 

4. Girls night out on Instagram vs reality

5. How you wake up on Instagram vs reality 

6. Bae is wonderful on Instagram but in reality… 

7. How he proposes on Instagram vs reality 

8. Cooking on Instagram vs reality 

9. Exercising on Instagram vs reality 

10. When everyone shows off their ring on Instagram vs reality 

11. How the kitchen looks on Instagram vs real life

12. How she celebrates her birthday on Instagram vs reality 

Don’t be deceived by peoples lives on social media. Don’t allow what you see on social media get you depressed. Majority are FAKE
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