Youth Take Over 2019: New Movement Marks International Youth's Day With Special Rally in Abuja (Read More)

#YouthTakeOver2019: New Movement Marks International Youth's Day With Special Rally in Abuja
A group of Nigerian Youths drawn from all the geopolitical zones of the country converged in Abuja irrespective of their religion and language differences under the umbrella of Youth Take Over for Peace & unity to mark the 2017 international Youth Day in a special rally tagged “One Nigeria”.

This event which took place at the Unity Fountain Maitama Abuja saw the youths prayed for Nigeria, recited the national anthem in a show of pa intriotism while there also prayed for quick recovery of the Nation’s President, and also added that God should grant all those in leadership positions the vision, wisdom and the technicalities needed to drive the country to its land of destiny.

 The group also made clear its stand for a one and indivisible Nigeria. In their massage the group advocated for stand against secession, hate speeches of any kind, referendum, tribalism, nepotism, terrorism, hooliganism and religious bigotry.

According to the National Coordinator of the movement, Comrade Gabriel Ashibi, the group is not unaware of the tribal uprisings in the country and thereby call on all Nigerian youths to embrace peace and Unity. Ashibi also reiterated that it is those who do not learn from history that are bound to repeat it. Hence the group call for a more united and visionary leadership that will guarantee peaceful co-existence, infrastructural development, social welfare, political integration, justice and equity.

The FCT coordinator of the group Comrade Oladipo Musibau made it clear that the problem of Nigeria is not about tribe or religion but that of poor leadership. He thereby urged the youths not to be used as agents of disunity and commotion but that they should rather see themselves as potential leaders of the nation.
It was a peaceful and non violent rally.

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