Shocking! See How Juju Man Used Ordinary Brooms To Catch A Thief (Photos + Video)

In this controversial and shocking video, an African juju man has used just brooms to catch a criminal red-handed.

An African Juju man has left many people wondering after he used brooms to catch a thief who had denied after stealing.

In the trending video, the broom-wielding man could be seen using his brooms on three “suspects” while reciting an incantation to find out who the guilty person is.

On getting to the third guy, when the man placed the broom on him and recited the incantation, the young man was pulled to the ground by the brooms (meaning he’s the person they were looking for).

The man on seeing what happened continued dragging the alleged thief on the ground with the two brooms, something that seems impossible.

Watch the video and see for yourself below: 
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