Watch Apostle Suleman Misquote the Bible, Claims King David's Mother was a Prostitute (Video)

Apostle Johnson Suleman 

Apostle Suleman, founder of Omega Fire Ministry may have goofed again after he was recorded during a sermon calling Biblical King David's mother a harlot.

In the video, the man of God while trying to make a point why David had passed through a lot of troubles in his life had said the reason was because he had a 'foundation' problem. He said the foundation problem was as a result of David's mother who was a prostitute.

Many people have lambasted the man of God accusing him of twisting the bible as there is no mention of David's mother being a prostitute in the bible. The pastor had based his comment on a verse from the book of Psalms where David said, “in sin did my mother conceive me.” He misinterpreted it alleging that David's mother had him out of wedlock or through fornication.

“David had foundation problems. David came from a foundation that was bad." "In sin did my mother conceive me’. If his father was biologically married to his mother, he would not be conceived in sin.” Suleman told his congregation members.

He added, “My father paid my mother’s dowry. So, I was not conceived in sin! If my father had not married my mother legally and there’s a conception, it means my father and my mother had an unholy relationship that brought my birth and has initiated me to a wrong foundation.”

He went on to say: “When the father was asked for the children to be around it was only seven boys he brought? why? Those were the seven boys from one woman, David was from a Harlot, the mother of David was a harlot. That was why if you check the life of David, everything that happened to him was a struggle, till he died he was fighting.”

Many people have reacted to the controversial statement by the man of God including a Nigerian man who wrote a rejoinder detailing facts to prove that the man of God lied.

Watch video below:
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