Notorious Fulani Kidnapper stoned and beaten to death in Kogi State

In a classic fulfillment of the popular Nigerian saying; “many days for the thief, one day for the owner of the house,” a Fulani who made kidnapping of little children his source of income, yesterday, met his waterloo in Ajaka, Igalamela-Odolu local government area of Kogi state.

The Fulani had been a terror to the people as he specialized in the kidnapping of children for sale, a horrific and heinous act they carried out for over some years.

The Fulani herdsman had a practice of visiting Emachi on Ajaka community market day, when most people would have gone to the market, and particularly at such hours when there would probably be no adult person around to confront him. He would then abduct any child he could see.

But on this fateful day, April 3, his cup of iniquity filled up and spilled over, when the fulani abducted a daughter of a peasant farmer, and zoomed off.

A member of the community who was on a palm tree let out a blood-cuddling scream of anguish, with all the power that heaven transmitted into voice. However, luck ran out on him, when he took a girl of four years old.

The high decibel of his cry of pain arrested the attention of youths in the area and members of Security Network, who pursued him with motorcycles. They immediately rescued the girl from the Fulani although the little girl had sustained no wound. The little girl was handed over to her parents who immediately took her to the nearest hospital for treatment.

But the irate youths, farmers, businessmen and women took custody of the Fulani, and administered jungle justice by stoning and beating the duo to death even before the police arrived at the scene.

An indigene of the community who pleaded anonymity explained that the youths took the decision because of their convictions that the duo would be set free if he had been handed over to the police. This reporter, as a resident of Ajaka, know fully well that the Fulani had been a thorn in the flesh of the community and everyone had been on the look out for the gangs, hoping to catch them red – handed.

According to a farmer, the Fulani normally come when most people have either gone to the market or to the farms and kidnap any child around and disappear.

“For the past eight months we have had lost children suspected to have been kidnapped by unknown Fulani. So, he came as usual on the Ajaka market day knowing that most people would have gone to the market”.
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