Governor Udom Emmanuel gives priority attention to industrialization of Akwa Ibom State

Revamped Peacock Paint Industry. Fully functional Akwa Prime Poultry and Hatchery. Completed Akees Toothpick and Pencil Factory...

Before now Akwa Ibom proudly owned Peacock Paints, Sunshine Batteries, Quality Ceramics, Qua Steel, ALSCON and the likes, which made the state an industrial leader and offered jobs and business opportunities to the citizens. Unfortunately, these companies all faded away decades ago.

The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel is one that has effortlessly gained the support of the masses not through the usual channels of propaganda or rice distribution, but by delivering its promises to the people, especially that of industrializing the state. Since assuming office, the governor has been working and breathing industrialization. The seriousness with which the governor has taken the industrialization drive is yielding tremendous results already.

It has resulted in the AKEES Pencil and Toothpick factory with production capacity of 5000 pencils per day and 20,000 tons of toothpicks per hour, creating employment for over two hundred Akwa Ibom youths currently working at the factory. 

Peacock Paint Limited, a company that was moribund and overgrown with weeds for decades, has been revamped. The completion of Akwa Prime hatchery is another bold step taken by this government in its bid to ensure that day-old-chicks are produced in sufficient quantity to meet the demand from within the state and ultimately from the entire South South and South East markets.

The governor’s vision of industrialization has seen him make efforts to create an enabling environment through improved power supply. The state has, in recent times become the destination of choice in Nigeria for investors. To this end, many National and International conglomerates have indicated interest in siting either their manufacturing facilities in the state. The metering solutions company which will make Akwa Ibom state a manufacturer of electric metering machines, is one.

The governor, nicknamed Mr. Industrialization by the people, is also embarking on a construction of coconut processing and refining plant which has already begun with the planting of 2 million coconut seedlings. The same goes for the rice mill where improved rice seedlings have already been planted and the processing mill is under construction. On completion these projects will employ over 5000 skilled and unskilled workers as well as reduce the cost of the commodity in the state.

The recent expression of interest by the Federal Government to partner with the state on the Ibom Deep Sea port to the tune of a billion naira is another sign that the people’s Governor is setting the pace for an industrial revolution and the federal government does not want to be left out in the glory. These initiatives show that as a good leader, the governor is creating opportunities for the people. Akwa Ibom is becoming an industrial hub and the citizens are already feeling the impact. #Govudomspriority #Industrialization

This piece is a contribution of The Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management (DAKKADA) Akwa Ibom State.

This piece is a contribution of the Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management.

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