Christ Embassy Pastor Roped in Stinking S*x Scandal with Married Woman

Mrs Brenda Nwanguma and Kaycee Kanu 

A mother of three, Mrs. Brenda Nwanguma, has accused a pastor of Christ Embassy Church, Kaycee Kenechukwu Kanu Aka Kaycee, of s*xually harassing and victimising her.

Ironically, Brenda and Kaycee are both members of Christ Embassy Church. But the drama between them is playing out at Inner City Mission for Children (ICM4C), a Non-Governmental Organisation, owned by the church and located at Oregun area of Lagos.

Indeed, every worker at ICM4C is believed to a member of Christ Embassy. While Brenda accused Kaycee, a father of two, of sexual harassment, Kaycee countered by calling her a, “loose woman who has slept with at least two to three men here. Her husband doesn’t know her. He should go and put his house in order. There’re certain things I shouldn’t say.”

The drama has accusations and counteraccusations.

Brenda said she was told by a mutual friend, Pastor Charles Osakwe, that Kaycee had a penchant for s*xually harassing and even succeeding in sleeping with women in the organisation. When Brenda heard that Kaycee described her as a loose woman, she revealed more secrets.

She said: “If Pastor Kaycee said I’m loose and had had s*x with three men, I dare him to mention their names. If I’m a loose woman, why did the organisation allow me to keep working in the Christian environment?

"Kaycee’s Personal Assistant (PA), has been caught several times being romanced in the office by Kaycee. Kaycee has a secret pet name for his PA; he calls her Pawpaw. “A member of staff at ICM4C told me that Kaycee once impregnated a teacher in the school. "He got her to resign and moved her to the East just to cover his deeds. The lady had a baby boy for him. In fact, it happened before I started working there. This has been his lifestyle.”

Trouble in the serene ICM4C paradise was said to have started after Brenda, who works at the school section, started having health challenges, leading to migraine. According to her, she was advised on medical grounds to stop working with the school section.

Brenda also wasn’t getting along with her immediate superior, Sister Vanessa Nosegbe, who recommended her for the job at ICM4C. Brenda said the woman told her that she didn’t like her and made life a hell for her. Brenda asked for transfer. But according to her, issues that have to do with transfer are usually handled by Kaycee.

She explained that after she was transferred, Kaycee came to her and demand payment of N500,000 for influencing her transfer.

According to her, the cleric told her that if she didn’t have the money, she should meet him at a hotel in Ikeja for a s*x romp. She refused to play ball. Brenda said she was transferred four times within a month, until she was sent back to the section where doctors warned her against.

She said Kaycee sent her back as a punishment for refusing his s*xual advances. Brenda said she wrote a letter of complaint to Director of ICM4C, Pastor Omoh, tabling her predicament and Kaycee’s s*xual harassment. She called for investigation, but nothing was allegedly done.

She also wrote another letter of complaint to Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka, Head of Administration for all Christ Embassy Staff. Mum was still the word. Brenda felt there was a conspiracy against her and everyone was working hard to cover the sexual harassment allegation.

She alleged that she had been sitting home since February, without being paid salary, while waiting to hear the outcome of the investigation. Brenda said that she had been carrying her husband along in s*x the demand drama.

In fact, it was her husband, a popular human rights activist, Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma, who told her to play along and act as if she was interested in having s*x with him. She said Kaycee on a particular fateful day waited for her in a hotel until it dawned on him that she wasn’t coming.

Even when Kaycee paid N25,000 into Brenda’s account, it was Okechukwu that told her to play along and ask for the money. The couple said they were gathering evidences against Kaycee. Okechukwu said he had witnessed occasions whereby Pastor Charles called Brenda on phone and unaware that the phone was on speaker, begged her to take things easy with Kaycee, because he had penchant for s*xually harassing women and having s*x with those that are gullible.

Okechukwu added: “Kaycee asked my wife to meet him at a hotel in Ikeja and kept pressuring her. I knew about this and asked Brenda to play along. I was on my way back to Lagos from Abuja. I had hoped I could get in on time so that I would ask my wife to go and meet him in the hotel room. I was planning to storm the hotel with some police officers because adultery is a crime under the law apart from being a sin unbecoming of a pastor.”

The activist added he wanted the founder of Christ Embassy to hear of the scandal.

He said: “Aside from my wife’s case, my inquiry reveals that Kaycee is notorious for the misconduct of harassing women – single and married. And these are covered up. Despite several written complaints I got my wife to send to Omoh as the director of Inner City Mission, I was shocked she didn’t respond.

I was convinced about the conspiracy to cover up this heinous act. I asked my wife to take further steps to complain to Pastor Ifeoma, who is the next superior authority beyond Pastor Omoh. Yet, we got not even an acknowledgement.”

When a New Telegraph correspondent got to ICM4C on Wednesday, she met Pastor Charles, Pastor Kaycee and Kaycee’s PA.

Charles and Kaycee’s PA said Brenda was being economical with the truth. This was even as they explained that the director, Omoh, was not available for questions. Omoh was in South Africa for a Christian event, to return next week. Attempts to get her on her mobile line by our correspondent failed. The number was unavailable.

According to Charles, Brenda started screaming s*xual harassment after she asked for a transfer and was not given. Charles, who said he was a close buddy of Brenda, said that the woman was trying to fight the system and had drawn the battle line and that the organisation wouldn’t hesitate to fight back.

Further reacting to the allegation, Kaycee said, he strongly felt that Brenda was conniving with two other people in the organisation to bring him down.

According to him, he didn’t know how or in what way he had offended Brenda. He vehemently denied ever asking her for sex or money for influencing her transfer. Kaycee said Brenda was the first person accusing him of s*xual harassment.

He said: “She might feel her complaint had not been looked into, but it has. The mistake she made was in thinking that I have the power to transfer anyone, I don’t! Transfers come from the director. Mine is to obey and carry out the instructions. She was working in the school, she complained about her boss; she said the woman was victimising her.

When the woman was asked, the woman said Brenda was always making up her face in front of the children, which wasn’t right.

“When she complained of having migraine because of the children she was handling, she was transferred to Partnership Department. When her appraisal came, she failed. The head of partnership also complained that Brenda spends too much time making up her face and doing ‘madam.’

Brenda was not pulling her weight. She was moved to Media Achieving and she liked the place. But it was below her educational status; anybody, even without education, could work there.

“I don’t know what her husband thinks he is fighting for, but he just doesn’t know his wife. He should put his house in order. No one is harassing his wife s*xually. It’s a case of his wife having affairs with several men.”

Asked if he paid N25,000 into Brenda’s account, Kaycee said: “I have given Brenda money several times. She is not the only one I have given IOU (I Owe You) in this organisation. She would beg me to borrow her money, but she wouldn’t pay back.

She said I asked her for N500,000, but what do I need money for? I have money! You may ask anybody.” Told that Brenda has WhatsApp chat where he was asking her to meet him in a hotel, Kaycee said: “It wasn’t me! It may be someone else. My phone was recently hacked. Whatever messages she might have received couldn’t have come from me.”

Nosegbe, Brenda’s former boss at the school, said: “I don’t have any problem with Brenda. In fact, I haven’t seen her for some days and had been asking after her. How can she say that I didn’t like her?”
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