#BBNaija: 5 Reasons Why Tboss Will Most Likely Win

TBoss Idowu 

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of TBoss noise going around. It is either from those who think TBoss is the greatest thing that has happened to Nigeria after the oil boom, or it is from those who think she is a modern day Delilah who shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe.

Whatever you think of her, though, you cannot erase the fact that she has found her way to the finals of Big Brother Naija (#BBNaija), a competition which has equally divided opinion among the hypocrites, not-so-hypocrites and the die-hard fans.

During her stroll to the finals, I have read several ridiculous theories about how she is dating Big Brother, how the whole world hates her (I even saw a video on that! SMH), how every man she kisses on the show gets evicted and so on.

Let me put it on record here that I also do not like her personality a lot. If we were going by personalities, Efe will get my nod – easily.

1. She is the most marketable 

Yes, there are three women (duh!) in the finals and yes, there are two men (duh!). But when you are picking the most marketable #BBNaija winner, it has to be TBoss. She is the prettiest (leave hating jor) and she is the most well-spoken of all the ladies. Apart from that, she is the one that looks most like a celebrity. Ah-mean, whatawetalkingabout? She’s F**.Cking yellow!

2. She’s the only one with an obvious been-to factor

I don’t know if the others can claim to have been-to, but once you see TBoss, you see a been-to. And while this ought to fall under making her the most marketable, I have decided to allow this reason stand alone. It is that big a reason, that’s why. Been-to-ness in Nigeria is a big deal and she sure fits it.

3. She is the most controversial of the remaining five. 

Who else divides opinion like she does? Who among the remaining housemates vying for the N25million has had this much conspiracy theory thrown at them? We have heard of how all the boys she has kissed got evicted. We have heard how the duvet with which she sleeps is cursed. We have heard of how Big Brother has a crush on her and has kept her on because of that. We have heard this, we have heard that. Everywhere you turn, it is TBoss this, that girl that. If controversy sells, she will be richer than that boy, Mark.

4. That babe is the most interesting character. 

Do I have to talk about how interesting she has been since the show started? Well, apart from the fact that she doesn’t dance much at house parties. You might want to say Bisola is interesting but there is a thin line that separates being interesting and being talented. Bisola is one talented woman but forget…when it comes to in-ta-res-tina, there is only one win-na.

5. TBoss has luck on her side. 

A lot of it. Football fans will understand this a lot. Remember Greece in Euro 2008? Leicester City in EPL 2016? And Chelsea in that UEFA CL they won with Roberto Di Matteo as manager? Cool.
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