Pastor Mocked on Twitter After Storming a Mortuary to Resurrect His Wife But Failed (Photo)

Pastor Githumba 

A Kenyan pastor has become the object of mockery in his country after his country men took to social media to mock him after he boasted that his dead wife would resurrect after four days. gathered that Pastor Githumba had stormed the mortuary with his congregation members saying that God revealed to him that his wife, Polly Kagendo will resurrect after four days.

So, he ordered the mortuary attendants to bring out his dead wife as he began fasting, praying and camping at Gakwegori mortuary from 8 a.m to 5p.m.

Sadly, the expected day of resurrection on Wednesday 29th of March came to an end without the miracle taking place. The pastor had asked journalists to come down to the mortuary and cover the miracle was left speechless after the supposed miracle didn't happen.

Obuchunju Henix‏ wrote on Twitter: "#pastorGithumba is waiting for his wife to resurrect?. was she crucified? was she alongside two thieves?. kuuliza tu."

Another person added: "#pastorGithumba but the wife cannot resurrect with this tough times in kenya, the harsh conditions do not allow."

The pastor's wife died after a short bout of tuberculosis.

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