Lagos Residents in Shock as Cat Allegedly Turns Into an Old Woman With Grey Hair in Surulere (Photos)

The woman who allegedly turned from cat to human 

A Lagos-based Facebook user identified as Energetic Jay, has taken to the social networking platform to post some photos and share the shocking story of how a cat allegedly turned into an old woman with grey hair in Lagos.

The poster wrote; "Wonders....i use to think it's only in Nigerian movie, cat do turn to human.. Not until one happen for my area this morning... A cat when stoned by a little boy, turned into a woman with grey hair.. Confessing that they are sixteen in number... Abeg, I wan relocate ooo."

It added in another post; "Live in my area.....this one no be Nigerian movie ooo .. a cat after being stoned, turned to a woman with grey hair."

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