We Sleep on N*ked Floor Beside Our Graves - Nigerian Soldier Laments Hardship on War front

A screenshot from abduraman Abubakar's Facebook account 

Abdurahman Abubakar has moved to water down rumours that the Nigerian Army is ineffectual in securing the territorial integrity of the country.

In a Facebook post dated back to the 3rd of February, 2017, the young man based in Bauchi State, northern part of Nigeria recounted the long nights under the harsh weather without family members and fears of death.

He shared real-life pictures to back up his claims as his social media friends applauded the young man."We slept on a naked ground beside our grave with one eye open at alert just 2 make sure u guyz sleep in peace n comfortable at home with ur familyz while we left our own family's all alone nd scared thinking of us weather we r gonna make it or nt. Bt after all diz sacrifice we made some bastards will said dat soldiers r nt doing anything, okey y don't u come n do wat we can't ..... M just proud 2 b a professional soldier HUUURAAA" *sic*, he shared.
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