Senator Dino Melaye Shows Off His Luxury and Customized Vertu Phones (Photos)

Nigerian Senator, Dino Malaye is living his dream life

Apart from having luxury and very expensive automobiles, the politician who is mega rich has shown off his Vertu phone.

Vertu phones are very expensive and are owned by a few people. Vertu phones are the finest luxury mobile phones handmade by our craftsmen in England using only the most exquisite materials and cutting-edge technology.

This is what a luxury vertu phone looks like 

A Vertu comes with a status symbol only a Vertu has, and only a select few can afford it. It is like a Rolls Royce.

People buy it to flaunt their wealth and showcase their status. The Senator it is believed must have got his own at a huge price. He is one of the few wealthy men to have in his possessio, a Vertus phone.
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