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‘We’re talking strongly about bringing peace to Syria’: Trump after hour-long phone call with Putin

The issue of Syria dominated the more than hour-long phone call between the Russian and American presidents. Putin briefed Trump of his recent meeting with Assad, and both leaders agreed on the importance of the UN-led Syrian peace process.

Putin told Trump that President Bashar Assad confirmed his commitment to political reforms in Syria, including constitutional amendments. Assad also supported the idea of holding presidential and parliamentary elections as part of a transitional political process during his Monday meeting with Putin in Sochi.

The Russian president informed his US counterpart of the forthcoming meeting between the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey aimed at finding ways to further normalize the situation in Syria while contributing to the political process in the Middle Eastern country. The trilateral talks are scheduled for Wednesday, November 22.

“Both the parties expressed satisfaction with the phone call, which was practical and informative,” a statement from the Kremlin reads.

The White House said Washington reaffirmed its support for the Joint Statement of the US and Russia issued at the APEC summit on November 11.

“We’re talking very strongly about bringing peace to Syria, very strongly about North Korea, and about Ukraine," Trump told journalists following the phone call with Putin.

The Russian president said a resolution of the Syrian political crisis must be based on the principles of preserving sovereignty, territorial integrity and the independence of Syria. Putin added that Russia has offered to host the Syrian Congress on National Dialogue in Sochi.

Putin again spoke of normalizing bilateral relations, especially when it comes to fighting terrorism. He added that cooperation between Russian and US security services could be of great practical significance. Trump supported Putin's ideas, the Kremlin said.

Putin and Trump agreed that the crisis around the Korean peninsula should be solved through diplomatic means, according to the Kremlin. While discussing the Iranian nuclear program, the Russian president restated Moscow's commitment to the full implementation of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA). He also called the agreement “an important factor of regional stability” that also contributes to the global nuclear non-proliferation regime.

Putin and Trump also touched on the terrorist threat and drug production in Afghanistan. Speaking about the situation in Eastern Ukraine, Putin once again underlined that there is no viable alternative other than the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements by all parties to the Ukrainian conflict.

Trump and Putin last spoke on the sidelines of the Vietnam APEC summit in mid-November. And even though there was no official meeting between the two leaders during the gathering, they still managed to hammer out a joint statement on Syria, in which they said the Syrian conflict “does not have a military solution.”

Trump later described his brief encounters with Putin during the summit as “good discussions.” He also slammed those who oppose US rapprochement with Russia, branding them “haters and fools.” He tweeted that “Russia can greatly help” the US in solving many pressing world issues.

Putin also held separate phone conversations with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday. The discussions centered on the situation in Syria as well as a range of bilateral issues.

Nigerian Lady Shows Off The Wrapper And N1000 Note She Got After Voting In Anambra Election (Photos)

A Nigerian lady and Facebook user, Nnajide Lucy Nkechinyerem, took to the platform to display the new wrapper and N1000 note she got after voting at Anambra election held last Saturday.
However she never disclosed the party she voted, that earned her the gift. Here’s her post and people’s reaction to it;
Related News: Anambra election: Why Obiano defeated APC – Okorocha
Imo state Governor, Rochas Okorocha, has revealed why the All Progressives Congress (APC) lost the Anambra governorship election.
Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) returning officer, Prof. Zana Akpagu, the VC of University of Calabar (UNICAL), had declared Obiano winner having polled 234,071 votes.
On Tuesday, Okorocha told leaders of the Democratic Youths Congress for Buhari 2019, at the Government House in Owerri, that rancour within the APC caused its defeat on November 18.
“People should not use the Anambra election result to judge the support of Buhari. It does not reflect the support”, he said
“Even the government and people of Anambra support President Buhari.
“What happened was that internal disagreement among the leaders in APC in Anambra cost APC the election.”

Shocking Revelation: Some Communities in FCT Abuja Still Kill Twins - NAN Investigation

Photo used for illustrative purposes only (Image credit: Yinka Adeparusi for 

In spite of stopping the killing of twins at infancy in Nigeria many years ago, some communities in Abuja still indulge in the practice, a News Agency of Nigeria investigation has revealed.

The communities are: Gbajingala clan of Basa Komo, Chukuku, Gaube, Chibiri, Kulo, Kiyi, Gawu, and Sabo in Kuje Area Council.

The investigation also revealed that Dogon Ruwa, Fuka, Gomani, Lapa, Gurugi, Sadaba, Kwala and Keru communities in Kwali Area Council also engage in the evil act.

The culture, which was practised by the people of Calabar many years ago, was stopped by a Scottish missionary, late Mary Slessor. It was the belief in Calabar at the time, that if women had twins, one of them was a devil, and so the twins were left in the jungle in clay pots to die.

Aside rejecting or killing twins, the FCT communities also reject multiple births such as triplets, quadruplets, babies born with Down syndrome, and any other form of deformity.

It was also discovered that the communities also reject children who grow the upper tooth first. They view them as mysterious, evil babies and a bad omen, which was not acceptable and should be killed.

While some of the communities engage in the barbaric practice in the open, others do it secretly. Though, NAN sought to speak with some indigenes of the communities, they declined comment for fear of being found out, but for one Zaka Musa of Kiyi.

Mr. Musa confirmed that the culture was still being practiced, but was being done without the knowledge of the community leaders. Mr. Musa said families who engaged in the practice had yet to embrace civilisation, in spite of the level of awareness by religious leaders. NAN also contacted leaders of some of the communities.

While some denied knowledge of the practice, others claimed it had been stopped some years ago. Jibrin Sarki, the community leader of Chukuku, said he had not received any such case. He, however, noted that he had passed a message through the town crier to his people to report any family involved in the practice.

Also, the community leader of Guabe, Zaki Tanko, told NAN that the culture had been long abolished in the area. A missionary and founder of Vine Heritage Home, an orphanage in Kuje, Stephen Olusola, who confirmed the evil practice to NAN, frowned at the culture. Mr. Olusola said that his Foundation had received cases of rejected twins, triplets and multiple children from the communities.

He noted that in spite of the abolition of the barbaric tradition many years ago, it was worrisome that some communities in the nation’s seat of power still indulged in it.

Mr. Olusola said the communities that engaged in the practice believed that twins and triplets and multiple births were evil babies, and should be put away from the people.

“While doing my duty as a missionary, I got to know about the story of certain category of children whose lives are being endangered by some cultural practices within the FCT. “The major ones we started confronting were children who came as twins or triplets or multiple births.

The people involved in the practice are the Basa Komo with special reference to the Gbajingala clan in the FCT. “In these communities, children who come in multiple births are not accepted. They also reject children who lose their mothers at birth and children who are born as albinos.

“Children who are born with deformities, such as Down syndrome, and other forms of deformity are also not acceptable to them. We discovered that they also reject children who grow the upper tooth first, because they see them as a sign of bad omen.

“Such are the practices we are confronted with and as a missionary, God challenged us not to turn the other eye to the plight of these children,’’ he said.

Mr. Olusola said that the case was once investigated and facts were established by former Minister of the FCT, Bala Mohammed. He said there was the need for the National Orientation Agency, NOA, to begin an aggressive enlightenment and awareness creation against the evil practices in the communities.

NAN also spoke to some religious leaders on the issue, who described the practice as primitive. Barnabas Joshua, based in Kuje, described the practice as “ungodly and primitive’’ and wondered why people would still indulge in it.

He said many twins were being celebrated in Nigeria such as the famous P-Square.

Mr. Joshua said that such twins should be engaged by NOA to lead the campaign against the barbaric act in the communities. Musa Bawa, an Islamic cleric, also in Kuje, said twins were a gift from Almighty Allah and should be accepted in good faith.

He said rejecting or killing twins was not in the interest of human existence as life was a free gift from Almighty Allah to mankind.


Bobrisky shares hot photos with interesting question

Bobrisky showed off his slim figure in white skinny jeans and heels asking ''Please what's the name of this b***h...She's hot"

Any answer for him?

Kris Jenner gives the closest hint Khloe and Kylie are pregnant

Kris Jenner may have dropped the biggest hint that Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are pregnant.

The 62-year-old Momager recently took to Instagram to share a snap of nine different sets of pajamas which she said are for 'every one of my grand children.

She currently has three grandchildren with daughter Kourtney Kardashian, two with Kim, and one with Rob for a current total of six.

Kris captioned the snap: 'Thank you so much #burtsbeesbaby @burtsbeesbaby #bbbfamjams for the most amazing collection of family jammies ever and i am obsessed with the plaid !!!!! 'Can’t wait to cuddle up with the kids #holidayseason thank you for a collection for every one of my grandchildren ❤️ #blessed #grateful thanks for the idea @oprah !!'

China’s Tencent overtakes Facebook to become world's biggest social network

Chinese tech giant Tencent’s mega-rally has turned it into the world’s fifth-largest company and the first Asian firm to enter the half trillion dollar club.

The Hong Kong-listed internet giant, known for its WeChat messaging app and online games, has seen its stock price soar nearly 120 percent this year. It has reported better-than-expected third-quarter net income up 69 percent on the year.

With a market cap of $523 billion, Tencent surpassed Facebook ($522 billion) on Tuesday, joining the ranks of the world’s five largest corporations that include Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon. It is also bigger than its Chinese rivals: e-commerce giant Alibaba ($474.15 billion), and web services company Baidu ($82.97 billion).

One of Tencent's key products, WeChat, was the main revenue contributor in the third quarter. China's most popular messaging service has expanded to an all-in-one platform with almost one billion users. It could be the “killer product” to spearhead expansion abroad, according to Tencent senior vice president S.Y. Lau.

The 19-year old company’s other businesses include Spotify equivalent Tencent Music and YouTube equivalent Tencent Video.

Overseas acquisitions will remain a key way of enhancing Tencent’s global access and competitiveness, S.Y. Lau told Reuters. Tencent has made a “breakthrough” in gaining an e-payment license in Malaysia for local transactions, and plans to start early next year, he added.

Jack Ma no longer richest person in China, as Pony Ma tops the Forbes’ Chinese list

“Malaysia is actually quite large in the sense that we have 20 million WeChat users, huge potential, and the market is quite warm toward internet products from China,” said Lau.

Tencent president Martin Lau said the company would keep investing in digital content, especially online video, to draw more time from more paying customers.

Burna Boy Is Yet To Honor Police Invitation, Police Thinks He Is On The Run

The Lagos state police command has refuted claims by Burna Boy’s management that he has honored the police investigation issued yesterday November 20th Recall that the Lagos State Police commissioner, Edgal Imohimi, at a press conference in the command headquarters yesterday, said that Burna Boy is a person of interest in the on-going investigation into Mr 2kay’s robbery attack at Eko Hotel last month. The commissioner publicly announced that Burna Boy should immediately report to the nearest police station for questioning as he has been named by arrested suspects as the mastermind of the alleged crime.
Reacting to the news, Burna Boy’s management released a statement this evening claiming that he has honored the police invitation. Part of the statement reads
‘The first and only invitation Burna Boy has ever received from the police was issued yesterday November 20th, 2017. This invitation was honored yesterday November 20th, 2017 and it has been made clear that he is happy to cooperate with the police as best as he can. It is pertinent to note that he was never served an arrest warrant nor has he been declared wanted’
However, when LIB reached out to confirm this, the spokesperson of the Lagos state police command, Olarinde Famous-Cole, said it was only Burna Boy’s father, Samuel Ogulu, that came to the station yesterday after the press conference with claims that he, Burna Boy, is not in the country and that as soon as he arrives Nigeria, he would come to the command’s headquarters. Olarinde, however, says that the state police command believes that Burna Boy is currently on the run and that they do not believe his father’s claim that he is out of the country.
The robbery suspects that attacked Mr 2kay in Eko hotel have confessed to the police that Burna Boy paid them N100, 000 to attack Mr. 2Kay and teach him a lesson. Watch the video of the commissioner speaking at the press briefing yesterday below